About the Thames

Lambeth - a Gentle Walk by the Thames

Written by Jeannette Briggs 

The walk alongside the River Thames on the south side from Lambeth Bridge to Westminster Bridge affords the visitor to London one of the most iconic views of the city.  By looking across the Thames one can see the huge Palace of Westminster - the world-famous Houses of Parliament, built to designs by Augustus Pugin in Victorian times, after the oirginal Palace was burned to the ground.  Only the amazing Westminster Hall was left standing, and this mediaeval masterpiece can still be seen.

 The Houses of Parliament form the embankment at Lambeth

The photo gives an idea of the view. En route from Lambeth Bridge to Westminster you pass St. Thomas, Hospital and the Florence Nightingale Museum.  She was the Victorian heroine who went to the battlefields of the Crimea and set up proper nursing facilities for the wounded soldiers for the first time. On return to England she lobbied Parliament to fund a programme of training nurses and building proper hospitals, and the first school for nurses was founded at St. Thomas's. 

Nearest Tube station - Westminster.

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