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Sutton Courtenay - Gentle Riverside strolls

 by Jeannette Briggs 

  Sutton Courtenay and Clifton Hampden - two gentle riverside strolls

From :Abingdon Thames Path , OX14

 There are two idyllic walks from Abingdon to neighbouring villages that will give you great pleasure.  You feel that nature is in pure harmony. The Churchyard at Sutton Courtenay has the grave of George Orwell - he of 1984 and Big Brother fame. He is buried under his real name of Eric Blair.

The walk to Sutton Courtenay should only take you about half an hour and you will have the chance to admire the route between Sutton weir and the throbbing heart of the Thames river. You could quite easily lie on these banks for an entire day contemplating life without civilisation. If you keep on walking you will chance upon several traditional riverside pubs.

The Clifton Hampden route is distinguished by both an architectural and literary landmark. The memorable bridge was designed by Sir Gilbert Scott, and just as you are past that little curiosity, you will find the Barley Mow, which influenced Jerome K. Jerome's famous novel Three Men in a Boat. Apart from that, pretty cottages that are possibly inhabited by little gnomes make their presence very welcome. An altogether very English scene, and this walk makes you realise that the River Thames is full of surprises!

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