About the Thames

Hammersmith - a Gentle Stroll

by Jeannette Briggs 

Along Upper Mall , W6

One of the most uplifting experiences in London is to saunter down the Thames Path by Hammersmith Bridge, allowing your troubles to float away as you fill your lungs with the bracing air, fix your gaze over the river, and feel an overwhelming sense of optimism whilst you walk past the elegant marinas, effortlessly gliding rowing boats, and distant islands. The tall brick houses, the small park, the seafaring atmosphere, and most importantly of all, the spacious pubs and cafes, contribute to the feeling that you could dream your day away in glorious comfort in these majestic surroundings.

In the summer, the park, pubs and cafes are packed with local holidaymakers, lying in the sunshine, or relaxing on the balconies and terraces drinking beer or eating prodigious all day breakfasts. The waterfront is vibrant with enthusiasm, as rowing crews come back to their clubs after a rigorous workout, couples stroll amiably down the path, and the general public create a raucous buzz of self-satisfaction.

The bridge provides a grand backdrop which illuminates the path. When you come to Hammersmith, you must walk along the Thames Path, and eat at one of the pubs or cafes, which give you the perfect opportunity to survey the Thames at your leisure.

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