About the Thames

Henley - A Gentle Walk by the River

by Jeannette Briggs 

   Henley is a delightful old town set by the River Thames. You can actually witness the beauty of the River Thames from both sides of its bridge.

What makes this particular walk so appealing are the old brick houses, art galleries and tea rooms that line the waterfront. You can take a cruise or hire a boat from here.

Once you reach the "countryside" section of the Thames, you can lie on the lush green grass and gaze reflectively into the distance. Perfect for a stroll or a roll in the hay, you should get maximum enjoyment from the delightful scenery all around you here, no matter what you are doing. You can also survey the many rowing boats practising for the regatta down this particularly straight section of the Thames. .

Whether you want to experience the beauty of the town of Henley or its countryside, you are sure to get maximum satisfaction.

The pace gets rather more frenetic over the Regatta when people from around the world converge on the little town, but this is huge fun for spectators and participants alike. However, this gentle walk is best enjoyed without the regatta crowds.  You do not need to walk far along the river to enjoy all that there is to offer, before you can return back to Henley and seek out a pub or tea room!

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